A word processor is a computer

Allows you to specify different margins within a single document and to specify various methods for indenting paragraphs. The line dividing word processors from desktop publishing systems is constantly shifting as word processors become more advanced.

As artificial intelligence capabilities become more commonplace, some word processors have gained the ability to read text aloud, to accept voice commands, and to translate text from one language to another. Mailers and labels - Create mailers or print labels.

Allows you to duplicate a section of text. Text formatting - Changing the font, font size, font color, bold, italicizing, etc. Allows you to send a document to a printer to get hard copy. While there are still some standalone word processors in use today, word processing began to move to personal computers in the s.

The word processor automatically keeps track of page numbers so that the correct number appears on each page. Import data - Import and format data from CSVdatabaseor another source. Allows users to embed Web links into their documents and format their documents for the Web.

The cloud allowed users to do their word processing via a browser-based application. With the advent of cloud computing in the s, word processing changed again. Generating mailing labels is the classic example of using merges.

Allows you to merge text from one file into another file. Features of a word processor Unlike a basic plaintext editor a word processor offers dozens of additional features that can give your document or other text a more professional appearance.

Allows you to search for synonyms without leaving the word processor. Below is a listing of different word processors in alphabetical order.

The current version is Microsoft Word 16 released in Allows you to define various page sizes and margins, and the word processor will automatically readjust the text so that it fits. Allows users to track changes to the document when more than one person is editing.

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Some more advance text editors can perform some of these functions. Macros - Setup macros to perform common tasks. Examples of word processor programs Although Microsoft Word is the most popular word processor available, other options are available. Allows you to specify customized headers and footers that the word processor will put at the top and bottom of every page.

Some cloud-based word processors also allow multiple users to edit the same document at the same time. Enables users to define and run macros, a character or word that represents a series of keystrokes. Automatically creates bulleted or numbered lists, including multi-level outlines.

Many users found that cloud-based word processors offered enough features to meet their needs, as well as greater convenience, mobility, and collaboration support. Allows you to edit two or more documents at the same time. Full-Featured Word Processors Most installable modern word processor software supports additional features that enable you to manipulate and format documents in more sophisticated ways.

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The first version of Microsoft Word was developed in In general, though, desktop publishing applications support finer control over layout, especially for documents with a lot of graphics, and they offer more support for full-color printing options. The great advantage of these early machines over using a typewriter was that you could make changes without retyping the entire document.

This is particularly valuable when working on a large project that consists of several different files. Allows you to change fonts within a document. Thesaurus - Look up alternatives to a word without leaving the program.

However, text editors are more commonly used by programmers who use special text editors with features designed for writing code.Click "Choose Default Program " A list comes up of every program on your computer capable of working with text documents.

Some may not be word processors, but all. Online word processors are a great alternative to the traditional word processor that you have to buy, install on your computer, and wait while it loads up and opens your document. The online word processors below are free, easy to use, and quick to get started with.

A word processor is software or a device that allows users to create, edit, and print documents. It enables you to write text, store it electronically, display it on a screen, modify it by entering commands and characters from the keyboard, and print it.

Of all computer applications, word processing is. Sometimes abbreviated as WP, a word processor is a software program capable of creating, storing, and printing typed documents. Today, the word processor is one of the most frequently used software programs on a computer, with Microsoft Word being the most popular word processor.

A word processor is a computer program that provides special capabilities beyond that of a text editor such as the WordPad program that comes as part of Microsoft's Windows operating systems.

The term originated to distinguish text building programs that were "easy to use" from conventional text.

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A word processor is a computer
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