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Various operations were sold or spun off, such as making Formica Corporation a stand-alone company. How to Write a Summary of an Article? These are considered by the U. Disadvantages of standard enterprise architecture include the concept that architecture must guide rather than dictate.

Its Consumer Products division included Shulton products, primarily Old Spice cologne and after-shave lotion, Breck shampoo, and Pine-Sol household cleaner; a variety of fine fragrance products were sold under licenses, including such brand names as Nina Ricci, Pierre Cardin, Tabac, and others.

The Pigments division American chemical corp essay sold to National Lead Company. The Old Spice product line, and some others, were sold to Procter and Gamble. In addition, standard enterprise architecture use can deduce risk and exposure and reduce operating costs.

An advantage of standard enterprise architecture for American Express includes the ability to provide more consistent user experience. In addition, it is important to understand the strategic intent of the company so that the business architecture helps to guide and direct the processes correctly.

In its last years, the company was involved in numerous legal issues related to its earlier environmental pollution. Tens of millions more were spent in efforts to clean up large wastewater pools which had decades of accumulation of toxic, carcinogenic, and teratogenic chemicals. However, impounds and wastesites remained with consequent leakage of benzene and numerous other chemicals into the Raritan River and adjacent land, apparently including residential sites.

Induring Hurricane Irene the site once again flooded, but this time all manufacturing had ended and all buildings had been torn down. Standardization should lead to reduced operating costs and greater consistency within the organization. How might they address the disadvantages?

Most of the chemical businesses of American Cyanamid are now operated by a spun-off successor company known as Cytec. IT must carefully manage the architecture to ensure that it is being managed in this manner, rather than having the company be limited by the architecture or guided by the architecture based on its perimeters, rather than careful planning of the needs of the organization.

Optimally it will allow product and services to be brought to market more quickly. Responsibility for the clean-up of these sites remained with the site owner during these corporate transitions.

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It should be value to projects and be accepted on its own merits. After the AHP acquisition, the Cyanamid conglomerate was disassembled over a period of years. It was flooded in the s and again in August during Hurricane Doria, at which time the plant sustained major damage to its facilities and equipment.

Costs of managing standard enterprise architecture must be managed. The technology architecture ensures that the processes and templates provided work in compliance with the needs of the organization. Discuss two advantages and three disadvantages of standard enterprise architecture for American Express?

The key components of the architecture American Express has created were the ability to more effectively do business utilizing new payment methods and mobile devices. Another disadvantage is that increased costs can be incurred if the system is not properly managed.

However, in order to do so, IT must carefully manage the system and look forward as new technologies emerge, ensuring that the system can adapt and flex to adjust for projected needs.American Chemical Introduction Dixon Corporation, a U.S.-based chemical company, is mulling on buying a plant from American Chemical Corp.

American Chemical’s Collinsville plant makes sodium chlorate for the paper and pulp industry. Dixon will have to pay $12 million as purchase price for the plant. It may also pay $ million to complete the %(18). American Chemical Corp. provide the answers to the following questions for American Chemical Corporation – HBP Case # in Word and Excel files.

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Cite your manuscript in American Chemical Society format for free. American Chemical Corporation Words | 8 Pages. Bilal Al- Qureshi, Said Business School, University of Oxford American Chemical Corporation HBS Case Number: Executive Summary The American Chemical Corporation (AMC) is a large, diversified chemical producer.

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