An analysis of the play cabaret based on jose masteroffs book

The first line of the title song, asking what the point was in sitting home doing nothing, was a question young people across America were asking themselves.

But Cliff remains the emotional and moral center of the story. Only now can Cliff be fully gay as Christopher Isherwood — the real Cliff — was. This better integrated the two parts of the show and eliminated the wall between actors and audience, placing the audience on three sides of the stage, only a few feet from the action, rather than across an orchestra pit, involving them in the action.

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People often tell me: At least not right now. Some people would say yes; others would disagree. She is about survival. The whole idea of the story is to show that even the greatest disasters leave a person like Sally essentially unchanged. Isherwood himself was gay, but because of societal restraints, earlier versions made his character straight.

Hollywood in that era put on the same happy face, asking us to forget the war, the Depression, the death, the poverty. But then once he finds out Ernst is a member of the Nazi party, suddenly Cliff becomes political.

Then, at the end of Act I, at the engagement party, Fraulein Kost sings this song again to keep Ernst from leaving the party. It was everything Prince had been looking for. This is one nation under God. She decides in this song that she will continue her wild life, which means she must abort the baby.

At the end of the show, when he insists that Sally leave Berlin with him, Cliff is making a moral decision for himself, but can he make it for Sally as well?

Cabaret: The Illustrated Book and Lyrics

In fact, he takes the same moral posture that the Nazis take — that only his morality is the right one, that all others are wrong. Kander and Ebb have really stacked the deck with this song to make it sound as wholesome and healthy as possible.

But soon, the song changes from a book song into a commentary song. We have an obligation to learn from what happened in Germany. Bysixty percent of businesses owned by Jews in had gone out of business. No, I only want to make it possible for her to found her own family and to have children, for that is how she can best serve our people!

Kost Effective Fraulein Kost is a fascinating character who is too often played as a stereotype, there just for laughs about sailors and sex. Cliff also mirrored the changing face of America in We already know what will happen in Germany during the s.

We have an obligation to make different choices.

10 Plays That Were Adapted From Novels

In the original production, the Emcee was onstage during many of the book scenes, observing the action, a device Prince would use again in Company and Sweeney Todd. Politics, the depression, immorality, the downfall of Germany, these are not topics people like Sally want to think about.

It will be returning to select cinemas for an encore screening beginning October 30th of this year. The London revival solved this problem of stylistic schizophrenia by playing the conventional book scenes on the nearly empty club stage, in effect, making every song and all the dialogue scenes club acts as well.

The Nazis actually lost votes in the Reichstag in the election before Hitler took over, but the German president appointed Hitler chancellor, in hopes of bringing the still powerful, rogue Nazi party under some sort of control.

The end product was ground-breaking and often shocking, but it was only half a concept musical. What would have happened if people like Fraulein Schneider had stood up and said loudly and decisively that they will not accept intimidation, that they will not be bullied, that they will not go along in the name of self-preservation?

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An analysis of the play cabaret based on jose masteroffs book
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