An essay on why parents put their kids in public schools

I just wonder when they will value those thing enough to give our neighborhood school a try. They still want a white school, just with other non-white children also participating.

Schools have redefined family values and, in some cases, ridiculed the cultural beliefs of the students and their parents. For example, outcome-based education recognizes that students need to develop at their own pace, whole language integrates all disciplines, and modern Montessori methods emphasize the need for individual attention and assessment.

More frequent occurrences of theft and physical violence, not to mention course profanity and open rebellion in the classroom. Public schools have to serve every child in a community. So public schools work, they teach as well or better than private schools, and better than charters.

Public school students score better than charter school students. It is just way easier for white kids to talk about black history at a white school. Does success equal an Ivy League education for your child, or a certain salary level, or even a prestigious title? So why are so many stories and people so negative about public schools?

Hundreds of national magazines and newspapers, numerous home-school curriculum distributors, and countless numbers of networks and contact groups address home-school issues.

Religious Reasons Religion is a major part of the American culture, but public schools fail to take religion seriously.

He can be reached at E. I am teaching children to love literature and to passionately engage in the language arts. On my first visit, I was struck by the welcoming atmosphere. Teachers love and fear the Lord Part of the reason why Christian students perform so well in the classroom is that they have a higher percentage of teachers who genuinely care about them.

Why I sent my child to a private school

To say public schools undermine the family is just as alarmist as saying home schools will ruin the education of our children. Educational philosophy today supports the concept that education is more than rote learning.

Academic Achievement Contrary to popular opinion, students at Christian schools consistently out-perform their public school counterparts. Critics charge that home-schooled children will be socially handicapped and unable to adapt to real-life interaction when older; the fact is, however, that these children have many opportunities to interact with peers.

The facts show that public education works. Your child can get an excellent education in the public schools, just as millions of other are getting. Students have both the freedom to pursue their natural desires and the attention needed to develop the ways of thinking that come more difficult to them.

A free school in Norwich, for example, is open six days a week, 51 weeks a year.

Why I Send My Children To Public Schools

Our educational system is deeply inequitable. We should be rewarding our public school teachers with the extra help, recognition and, yes, pay they deserve. Home-school parents sometimes accuse public schools of stealing children from the home and their parents.

Why Canadian parents send their kids to private school

In Growing without Schooling, Pat Farenga writes: But what about all those news stories about bad test scores and failing schools? Studies show that families of all sizes and ethnic backgrounds have turned to the private system. Christian school classes generally have fewer students.By sending your child to private school, you are using the means you have – money – to get the right education for your child.

education that. With thousands of students roaming their halls and taxpayer dollars funding their bankrolls, public schools can only go so far in the area of discipline. The Nehemiah Institute has put together a list of nine reasons why Christians shouldn't place their children in secular academic institutions.

None of this is meant to be a criticism. Benefits of private schools Why parents choose an independent education for their kids. Find a list of schools. To teach their children the necessary skills for an ever-changing world, many parents are choosing private school education.

My new neighbors, ones who come into the neighborhood raving about how much they love it, do not send their kids to the school. While they.

Why I Send My Children to Public Schools

Oct 21,  · Why We Chose A Charter School — Then Chose To Leave It close more. Parents choose their children's schools for many reasons, writes guest columnist Deborah Bennett. performing at equal. Aug 29,  · Everyone needs to be invested in our public schools in order for them to get better.

There are a lot of reasons why bad people send their kids to private school. assume that the parents at.

An essay on why parents put their kids in public schools
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