Annotated bibliography on cause solution of global

Annotated Bibliography: Impacts of climate change and global warming

But as he began to think about it more and do more research he noticed that it was out of his control. Creating a Climate for Change: I would include this article in my research paper to talk about the different ways African countries can adopt to climate change effectively.

This article is a comprehensive overview of the book: I think that it is important to understand climate change and global warming in simple words as the majority of the world does not belong to a scientific community and it is hard to make them understand the concept of climate change in scientific terms.

I would use this article to understand the implications of climate change for the agriculture sector in general. The fact that the simulations match patterns in ocean temperatures is presented as evidence that global warming is a human caused event.

Greenhaven Press, John W. The author explains how understanding, observation, and analysis creates a different conclusion in each camp and no consensus exists on cause, effect, or solution.

The case decided the extent of the authority and jurisdiction of the Environmental Protection Agency in regulating the greenhouse gas emissions of new motor vehicles.

This viewpoint article outlines the discrepancies between scientific and environmentalist views on global warming.

Global Warming, The Complete briefing. This article explains the different positions that the scientific and environmental communities take on issues including human causes, climate models, and aerosols as they relate to global warming. Contoski talks about how a majority of the earths warming happened prior to when factories and autos became popular.

The predictions are provided by a study of temperature and mortality in 50 US cities. Avery gives us facts about the year cycle, Co2 data, and ice core data. This book is a guideline for educators and researchers in both the scientific and environmental lobby sectors.

For example, the article suggests that African is the poorest continent and they do not have the full technological capacity to respond to climate change.

He also discusses the reasons why the past millennium found an increase in the rate of the rise of the sea level. Leidig, Michael, and Nikkah Roya. Gale Opposing Viewpoints In Context. Impacts of Climate Change: The research study has focused on the geographical balance of data that has been achieved from different observational researches since It states that this is the time for politicians to show their true colors.

This research article reflects on the temperature rise caused by climate change and the diseases that would be helped to spread more due to this temperature rise.

The importance of this article is that while humans are releasing a certain amount of aerosols into the atmosphere, humans alone are not responsible for the chemical reactions in the atmosphere. Roberts does not see obesity as an issue concerning only public health, but as a factor to the increased consumption of fossil fuel by humans.

What the reader can conclude from this article is that both human and existing atmospheric or environmental factors work together and separately to contribute to global warming.

Annotated Bibliography We Did Not Cause Global Warming Essay

However, it still dispels the central social environmental idea that greenhouse gas emissions are at the heart of global warming. Reproduced by permission of the author. The decision is supposed to take effect before the end of the decade.

It encourages readers to rely less on emotionally charged presentation from environmentalist making social and political claims. With each set of facts he uses reliable resources to back up his arguments. They are for human caused global warming instead of against it.

This article traces the links between obesity of people and global warming. This article would help me understand the response of different regions to climate change based on their ground realities. The research has concluded that there biological and physical environment of different regions have different adaptation and vulnerability outcomes for the host population.Global environmental change, 13(1), Many of the African and Latin American countries rely on agriculture as a main source of income for its inhabitants.

This research article has suggested the possible impacts of climate change on the production of maize in in the above mentioned regions of the world. More Essay Examples on Global Warming Rubric. Billy, Cynthia A - Annotated Bibliography We Did Not Cause Global Warming introduction.

“Many Scientists Agree that Global Warming is a Human-Caused Problem.” Global Warming: Opposing Viewpoints. Annotated Bibliography on Climate Change Published on by College Writer The concept of climate change is a broad phenomenon which involves understanding climatic conditions and the changes taking place.

The main cause of global warming is the emissions of Carbon Dioxide gases. Doing stuff like car pooling, making less trips to stores, and riding a bike or walking to a near by place instead of driving there can greatly decrease the amount of Carbon Dioxide emissions if everybody contributes.

The Middle East has since time immemorial been on the global scope because of its explosive disposition. The Arab Israeli conflict has not been an exception as it has stood out to be one of the major endless conflicts not only in the region but also in the world.

Annotated Bibliography on Global Warming Essay

Annotated Bibliography Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions. "What YOU Can Do About Climate Change." YouTube. PICSClimateInsight, 13 Sept. Web. 06 Apr. This video created by the Pacific Institute for Climate Solution began with an overview of the gases that contribute to global warming including: carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide.

Annotated bibliography on cause solution of global
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