Biology experiment on heart rate essay

The contestants then start the activity for 1 minute. The loud environment also causes difficulty to count and feel the pulse of the test subject. The more energy a person is using during exercise, the more the cardiac output increases.

After exercising for 1 minute on the stepper, results showed there was no difference in the heart rate of both contestants. When a ten percent solution was added the heart stopped. When she was asked what emotions she felt during the duration of the experiment, excitement, stress, anxiety and fear were notable because those emotions tend to raise the heart rate.

The same procedure, including using the Kimwipe to draw off previous solution, was then used with four, six, eight, and ten percent solutions.

On the other hand Shazanah likes eating her junk food which builds fatty deposits which causes her heart rate to go so high because of the demand. After the last alcohol solution a Kimwipe was used to draw off all of the solution and a drop of Daphnia culture fluid was added.

After a minute another zero reading was taken. Water helps move nutrients through and waste out of the body. Each slide was placed on a dissection microscope and the heart was located using the Helms manual and help from the lab instructor. First, it could have been experimental error.

The overall result is an increased heart rate. The test subject also on a few occasions ate something a few minutes before measuring her heart rate.

In order to maintain a constant total flow of blood, the heart has to work harder and beat faster if there is less blood volume in the cardiovascular system.

Then each team used their pipette to draw a Daphnia magna from the jar and placed it on the petroleum jelly covered well.

Heart Rate Lab Report

Then the same procedure using the Petri dish to changed environmental conditions was used with cold tap water 23 degreeswarm tap water 30 degreesand hot tap water 45 degrees.

Using a heart rate monitor would solve many of the issues regarding measuring the heart rate.

Lab Report Daphnia

LaFave, When the caffeine was introduced to the system, there was no change. Order now We will observe the effects of temperature fluctuations, alcohol, and caffeine on this ectothermic animal.

This could decrease the amount of water consumed by the test subject.Heart rate is the number of heart beats per unit of time, typically expressed in beats per minute or bpm. The average heart rate at rest under normal conditions of adolescents and adults is bpm ± bpm, with variability of bpm ± (Leschka, ).

Biology Heart Rate Lab Essay Sample

Below is an essay on "Heart Rate Biology Investigation Ib" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Investigation on the Heart Rate Research Question. Carry out an experiment to measure the heart rate and ventilation rate before, during and after moderate exercise.

Introduction: I predict that during exercise the heart and respiratory rate (RR) will increase depending on the intensity of exercise and the resting rates will be restored soon after exercise has stopped. Aim: The aim of the investigation was to discover how the heart rate varied with the intensity of exercise.

The heart rate is a term describing the regularity of the cardiac cycle. The heart rate is the amount of times it contracts (beats) in. The average resting heart rate for women was beats per minute with a Standard Deviation of and the resting heart rate for men was beats per minute with a Standard Deviation of The average heart rate of the men is lower by beats per minute than women.

Open Document. Below is an essay on "Ib Heart Rate Lab Biology" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Biology experiment on heart rate essay
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