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Bruce lives with his girlfriend before they are married; Bruce finds a picture of Grace presumably nude from one of their previous vacations and he teases her that it should be submitted to Playboy we do not see the photo.

Add your rating See all 60 kid reviews. As for being a Jim Carrey comedy vehicle, Bruce Almighty could be his best yet. Even though we get glimpses of the disasters he causes, Bruce never has to clean up the mess.

The director excuses the profanity and the fact Bruce and Grace live together before marriage as the fact that they are two imperfect people before the film begins.

When he loses that job to a rival Steve CarellBruce furiously explodes on the air and is fired. I love his line that some of the happiest people in the world come home smelling to high heaven at the end of the day. With that, God Morgan Freeman answers his call and summons him to a meeting where he offers Bruce the chance to see if he could run the world any better.

The movie allows us to learn vicariously this way, which empowers the message even more. So while Bruce Almighty showcases God entirely in a positive light delivering a vital message without it feeling like a Sunday School lesson, Almighty keeps the spirituality plenty far from too sensitive waters and never addresses issues of sin or salvation.

Jim Carrey has unmistakably moved from the cheesy comedy of his past to become one of the most important comic actors working today. The story takes the carnal and self-centered Bruce Nolan, who feels alienated by God, and endows him with godly abilities to see if he could do any better.

Through his question and answer session, it was determined that Bruce Almighty borders on being a modern-day parable of sorts. Continue reading Show less Is it any good?

Bruce is endowed with the powers of God for a given period of time so that he can understand life a bit better, and he says a lot about himself when he uses the powers only for his own purposes rather than to help all of the people who pray to him.

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Overall, Bruce Almighty surprised me. He has moved from cheesy TV comedy to cheesy comedic films to comedies that are truly intelligent and meaningful like this film as well as others like The Truman Show, Man on the Moon, and The Majestic easily one of his greatest films ever.

Susan comes on to Bruce and kisses him as he tries to stop her. The messages are huge without beating your mind to death. Towards the beginning of the film, Bruce flips out on some coworkers and goes as far as uttering the "f" word at them Some other profanity is used, but in surprised moderation.

It is a comedy written and performed in good taste, but with enough relatively low-brow humor to keep the kids entertained. Morgan Freeman embodies God quite well and fleshes out the character in quite a detailed way.

One day his frustration with life peaks and he vents his rage to God unaware that He really could be listening. Bruce Almighty is one of the more memorable comedies to have come out for quite a while, and is probably the only directly religious that I can remember seeing that I am anxious to buy on DVD to add to my personal collection.

He has a loving girlfriend, Grace Jennifer Anistonwho runs a day care center, is happy with her life, and adores Bruce in spite of his negativity.

I, for example, tend to reject organized religion in all forms and I see God and Satan to be metaphors for different aspects of nature and human psychology rather than actual figures who ever lived or continue to live.

A little too true, and as Gallagher would add, behind every great man is also an amazed mother-in-law. Bruce has some abrasions on the side of his face and arm towards the end of the film.

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Bruce Almighty

He plays some Barry White music and after Grace is impressed by the moon, she runs to the bathroom to slip into some lingerie and Bruce strips his own clothes off in one swipe down to his underwear. He repeatedly utters the word "pleasurable" before she enters the bedroom looking completely frazzled.

In a way, this might be best as if those subjects had been introduced, it may have spread itself too thin in the message department and have lost the foremost comedic focus the film was primarily made to possess in the first place.

Bruce would much rather be anchorman, or at the very least, reporting significant news. The next morning they describe the night as "heavenly" and Grace proceeds to insist her breasts are now larger for some reason we see her adjust them while clothed, but nothing is explicit.

And when Bruce tells God that he wants to solve the problems of world hunger and peace, God tells him that is a "Miss America answer" and His goal seems to be to get Bruce to think about what would make him happy with no regard for anyone but himself and the woman he loves.

By the way, many critics found this to be a problem, but I found a certain charm from its ability to be emotional and serious at times. While he may have had moments of typical Carrey over-acting which is usually quite a joy to beholdhe is more or less just your average guy with a loopy sense of humor.

This is a meaningful comedy for the whole family, which is becoming rarer and rarer these days. The result is a movie that, despite some very funny moments, makes the same mistake as its main character without learning any lessons about maturity or responsibility.Aug 04,  · Movie Review Tired of chasing cornball human interest stories, Buffalo, N.Y., television reporter Bruce Nolan dreams of anchoring the evening news.

Just when it seems he might get his big break, an ambitious rival beats him out.3/5. Bruce Nolan (Jim Carrey) is a local Eyewitness News TV reporter in Buffalo, New York, best known for doing humorous, homespun, human interest stories that make everyone happy but him!Bruce would much rather be anchorman, or at the very least, reporting significant news.

Essentially, Bruce is discontented with nearly everything in his life. There are enough goofball touches in Bruce Almighty to carry the movie to a certain extent However, when the time comes for Bruce to "share and learn", the effect is trite and embarrassing 49%().

I don't need to sit here and explain this movie to you, do I?It's one of the most blatantly simple movies I've ever seen: Jim Carrey becomes God.

End of say Bruce Almighty would have been a mighty bore. May 23,  · Watch video · Later in the movie, when Evan is doing a news report, Bruce is intentionally making Evan say and do things against his own free will which is clearly a violation of rule two but, God doesn't come in and do anything about it/10(K).

May 23,  · Bruce Almighty movie reviews & Metacritic score: Bruce is a local news reporter who is discontented with nearly everything in 46%(35).

Bruce almighty film review
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