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They rank among the most interesting production of the kind that have been seen here, and are all the more important as this artist never forgets for a moment that the camera is a machine, and he emphasizes the things a machine can do better than hands, instead of blurring them into so-called artistic effects, as so many photographers do.

As they hang precariously from their hinges, they belie the intended purpose of the barn to protect livestock and crops. Aged board-and-batten siding covers the second story of the barn, but the roof looks surprisingly new, undoubtedly recently repaired with a smooth industrially produced material that contrasts with the irregular cedar shingles on surrounding buildings.

On the inside, two-story haymows provide for abundant grain storage. This "found" frame serves a twofold purpose. Sheeler placed an artificial light behind it, endowing the vehicle with a numinous glow. We see the entire three-building complex situated on hilly land with barren trees on either side.

After this photograph was taken, the neglected environment undoubtedly continued to disintegrate. By the time this image was made, Sheeler was applying the lessons Modernism had taught, turning his attention to vernacular subject matter, and in the process developed a new American aesthetic.

As with the Doylestown house series, the original number of barn photographs also remains a mystery. But the metaphorical frame around the stall also prevents our full empathic entry into the area of greatest fascination.

This photograph straightforwardly depicts a working agricultural setting in rural Bucks County, with the plowed land and flock of chickens placidly feeding in the foreground surrounded by a silo, outbuildings, tractor, and other farm implements. The artifacts once served human needs, yet as in Bucks County Barn Verticaltheir anonymous users seem long absent.

Their presence obliquely suggests that the barn does indeed have a function, that the photograph in the end has something to say about agricultural life in Bucks County.

Bucks County barn

The photograph also highlights the contrasting masonry walls, shingled roofs, and unpainted wood. A gateless fieldstone wall and barbed-wire fence doubly bar us from entry into the protected space of the barnyard.

But the composition also emphasizes distinct formal elements. This suggests the natural fruitfulness of the Bucks County farmland and a seemingly viable way of life based on cultivating its resources.

Now Brewing in Bucks County: Great Barn Brewery

He has a relentless eye, it seems, when it comes to focussing; a personal feeling toward textures and values Following his encounters with Modern Art in Paris in and at the Armory Show in New York inthe artist looked with new eyes at the architecture of rural Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

But from our retrospective position, we can identify such a linkage as an "invented tradition" that served those trying to establish an independent identity for the American vanguard. Ithaca, New York, Herbert F. The main barn is either banked against a preexisting hill or a bank is constructed on the north side.

This intimates the imminent eclipse of the agrarian life that once flourished in the region.Now Brewing in Bucks County: Great Barn Brewery Written by: in Blog, Features, Online Exclusives June 5, 0 Views Great Barn Brewery is a family-owned and operated farm brewery, the first in Bucks County.

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Keywords Art When analyzing "Bucks County Barn", a characteristic that is seen without even existing is the background. The background in this painting seems to be the canvas. Usually a barn has many different aspects of nature. Natalie Searl an Upper Bucks County artist and photographer shares spring with us in this photo essay.

Skip to main content. Natalie Searl Spring Photo Essay. March 4, now look painterly. To heighten the effect of the giclée on canvas, Natalie frames the photos with recycled barn wood frames. Bucks County Barns.

a chapter of the exhibition catalogue "Charles Sheeler in Doylestown: American Modernism and the Pennsylvania Tradition" by Karen Lucic.

Barns have a heart, a voice, a soul; the barn's heart, voice, and soul are also the heart, voice and soul of us as a community, nation, and people. We are fortunate that barns are recognized as an important part of the heritage of Bucks County.

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Natalie Searl Spring Photo Essay

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Bucks county barn essay
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