Decriminilization of marijuana essay

To a Cancer or AIDS patients seeking relief from marijuana, these commercials must be difficult to bear. A criminal record can cause difficulties in employment, and international travel. In Amendment 44 was rejected by 59 percent of the voting population.

The number of marijuana possession cases would also decline allowing less pressure on the Criminal Justice system. I hope I did that. For marijuana that means one ounce or less. This has worked out pretty good too; This way the police can concentrate on actual crime instead of petty offences.

Most supporters who are for decriminalization are still against legalization, and just feel the penalties should be softened. The opposition also argues that cannabis on the streets today has a higher percentage of THC the primary intoxicantthan in cannabis of an earlier time and that decriminalization Decriminilization of marijuana essay lead to more usage, more crime, and more abuse of dangerous illicit drugs.

For asthma and the common cough — Marijuana is one of the best dilators of the bronchioles The first passageways by which the air passes through the nose to the air sacs of the lungs. Measure G does not protect individuals who cultivate, transport, or possess marijuana for sale.

Several states have taken steps about the marijuana issue by decriminalizing the possession of small amounts of the drug, reducing sanctions for amounts suitable for personal use.

The main reason Marijuana is still illegal is mainly due to misconceptions about the drug, and conservatives who would not stand for it…. InOregon became the first state to decriminalize marijuana.

A first time conviction for possession of 30 grams or less of marijuana can result in a six-month jail sentence or fine or both and a criminal record. When imported from places like Canada, Russia, and China hemp products are legal.

The Commission found out that the fairness of cannabis prohibition was unclear, and that the Executive and Legislative branches had a responsibility to obey the Constitution. InPresident Richard Nixon set up a committee to study marijuana use. Decriminalization of Marijuana Decriminalization of Marijuana.

It was rejected by 54 percent of the voters. Inmarijuana was the top cash crop in 12 states, one of the top 3 cash crops in 30 states and one of the top 5 cash crops in 39 states.

In places where marijuana possession is still a criminal offense and not decriminalized, there has been an increase in marijuana use. It is not possible to overdose on marijuana, unlike most prescription and illegal drugs. However, we do not condone arresting adults who responsibly engage in these activities in order to dissuade our children from doing so.

The Initiative reads as follows: The Initiative would have legalized the recreational use of marijuana and its activities in the state of California.

Almost one million people a year are in trouble with the law, about marijuana.Decriminalization of Marijuana A very controversial drug in society today is marijuana.

Decriminalization of Marijuana

The controversy is mostly due to the myths that people have created about marijuana's effects. The controversy is mostly due to the myths that people have created about marijuana's effects. decriminilization of marijuana Essay - Every year our government spends more than nineteen billion dollars to eradicate it’s use in the United States.

About seventeen thousand people were arrested last year because of it. We spend twenty thousand dollars a year per inmate to hold these jailbirds captive.

The Decriminalization of Marijuana

So, it is plain to see that the decriminalization of marijuana is the only logical solution. A persistent myth about marijuana is that it is a gateway drug, leading to the use of harder drugs.

The Dutch partially decriminalized marijuana in the ’s, since then the use of heroin and cocaine has sharply decreased. There is little proof that decriminalization of marijuana use leads to an increase in marijuana use.

Almost one million people a year are in trouble with the law, about marijuana. $15 billion a year goes to the “War on Marijuana”, which doesn’t look. Marijuana Decriminalization Essay Words | 6 Pages and use of marijuana, the Canadian government made marijuana illegal with the intention of protecting its citizens from marijuana’s effects, of which little was known at the time.

- Marijuana has been used as medicine since the beginning of time, but because of the bad reputation surrounding marijuana you wouldn’t believe that marijuana first use was .

Decriminilization of marijuana essay
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