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This email is to request my refund for the espchat year trial. Apr 18, Refund My name is Tashanika Jones and I recently enrolled in the espchat services today. She discovered her calling when in high school. To find me in private chat for a one on one session, look at my calendar and log into my public chat times to be able to schedule a private session with me.

Golden Girl understands the power of the sixth sense and the energy that surrounds her clients, and helps them to understand and tap into that energy. My private chat times can be scheduled any time that Espchat golden girl convenient to you.

Dec 28, unable to cancel free services before 30 day tried calling phone doesnt work unable to leave message or get live person I have been trying since Dec1 to cancel the free 30 trial before they charge my card.

Feb 19, Fraudulent charges I never approve to be charged She gives advice on love and relationships, careers, family matters, and spiritual matters. Growing up on a farm, Golden Girl developed the gift of speaking to animals. Do not use this company or you will be charged a lot fees that add up quick!

Im not interested in these services and would like to cancel all service Mar 8, Having a hard time getting a hold of anyone to cancel. And why is it you need to put a credit card number in for a free chat, so we can be charged for a free chat?

I want a refund. Thank you for all your helpful insight and have a blessed day Jul 25, cancelatation My name is Esther Chavez, on June I cancel my membership and on July I was charged again please stop charging my credit card for this membership and I would like to have a refund for the month of July Thanks.

Golden Girl became a medium, clairvoyant, channeling expert, and pet psychic at an early age. This is bad service you want my money but you but no one likes to get back.

She inherited her psychic gift from her mother, who was a medium and pet psychic. In this forum it is private between only you and I and is never revealed to anyone.

Please consider this type of consultation if you have detailed questions you would like answers to. Just get our money and run like hell with it, I do expect an answer or do I need to contact consumer protection on you?

~Meet Golden Girl~

Her strongest accomplishment is as a medium. And i really need you to cancel my subscription. Golden Girl began offering her psychic services 10 years ago.

Sep 5, What did I really pay for? In addition to becoming a psychic, she took a degree in marketing, and has worked in accounting and with antiques.

She has also been interviewed on the radio.

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This company has managed to rip me off and argue that I approved and refused to give me a refund. There is never a number to call and talk to a Espchat golden girl person, why is this?

Patty Dec 19, Unable to contact Why is it so difficult for you to answer an e-mail? I want to cancel and can not find a cancel area or even a phone number that works.Nov 17,  · Yesterday, i signed up with espchat, and made an appointment with golden girl for the 17th, nov.

@11am., and was charged $ 95 for a year's subscription with golden girl.1/5. We love to hear from our members. "Everyone that I have worked with on has been wonderful, caring and very knowledgeable!" PJ, Indiana.

Golden Girl; Testimonials; Newsletter Blog. About ESPchat. We are on online psychic services company, offering a choice of one-on-one, group and written consultations from experienced, committed and professional psychics and astrologers through a variety of esoteric tools.

i have been a member for years and love espchat and their. MaxLend; I took out a loan for $1, I have paid them $1, over the last 40 days, and they want me to pay them another $ to pay off the loan!

Read the latest user reviews about ESPchat in United States. Consumer complaints and company contact information.

At, we offer personal, online group consultations with experienced and professional psychics.

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Discuss what matters most to you: family, your love life, health issues, money concerns – whatever is on your mind! Our services are available to you 7 days a week, from 9am to 12 Midnight, EST. If you desire, you can go further with a .

Espchat golden girl
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