Essay on the impact of cable television on the youth

Today we have the BBC Television Channel too, beaming programmes through satellite to Television; with viewers having access to these programmes in their sitting rooms. Persons are also looking for entertainment in wrestling federation to the blood curdling sport of matadors and their Bull fighting.

Entertainment is an object every human being needs to get away from the drab and dreary existence of everyday like. Findings of the study revealed that cable TV did have a profound effect on the activities of women. The media of the day has undergone a revolution.

Obviously, it has led to the spread of fashion, incidence of violence, killing, hijacking, and other crimes. It provides them thrill and entertainment which does not add to their knowledge or creativity. In fact the younger generation is even moving away from newspapers and latching on to television for media coverage.

Television can be of great help to create awareness in the masses.

Essay on the Influence of Television on Youth

Something learnt through a visual medium has a lasting impression on the mind. Leading public figures vied with each other to have their photographs on the cover page- a prerogative only reserved with the editor.

With the advent of Cable TV, viewers are exposed to a variety of programmes - generally more interesting, entertaining and informative than anything seen on Doordarshan before.

All these channels have a variety of programmes and are not limited to news only. Their apprehensions are quite understandable. Unfortunately, with the resources of Cable TV, we are also open to foreign channels, totally alien to our culture.

Eashver studied the impact of cable TV on women in terms of activities, time management and interactions with family members and the outside world. The advent of cable TV has more than anything else awakened people to the threat posed by the electronic media to the printed word.

It is the last word in entertainment and enlightment. Television programs are badly affected with the scenes of sex and violence.

They further have specialized channels beaming programmes related to one nature only, be it music, cinema or sports.

It was the media which was a major factor in highlighting the excesses of officialdom during Emergency. It does minimize the negative powers of viewing on a smaller screen. The television is occupying the centre stage in our lives. Exposure to television is increasing day-to-day.

Various types of programmes are being telecast by these channels such as, news, serials, sports, film based programmes and music programmes. The second major effect of cable TV emerged was that it restricts the exposure of the housewife to the other media including regular TV, press, radio, books etc.

485 words short essay on the Impact of Television on Children

C London with a team of reporters posed all over the world, had access to the most current — the latest news, and were again, listened to for guaranteed authenticity.

They follow their style and habit. All the values are now going haywire with the blatant display on television of flirting, romance, extra- marital sex and divorces. Most of us love to view a realistically portrayed good story.

The programmes related to fashion, sex, etc are dominant. TV has become an important tool of recreation, education and propaganda. It may be safely interpreted that this viewing is not limited to news channels only.

It has tremendous potentiality as a powerful means of mass communication. Television is one of the most popular means of media. During the heights of the Iraq War, the Indo-Pak war and the recent Afghan War — listeners round the world tuned into their wavelengths for update and authentic news.

This has different meaning for different persons and may vary from classical music to hard rock, from mainstream cinema to the off beat artistic genre, from the soothing monotony of golf to the nail biting finish of one-day cricket matches or the exhilarating and more mainly football.

Along with teaching classes and lectures, students are encouraged to attend classes where they are shown experiments, researches and their results through this visual media, actually proving to them that the theories being taught to them have been experimented and proved through results.

By news we are not talking about the political category only but also culture, sports, cinema, science, natural calamities and happenings and not the least education.Impact Of Cable Television On Youth (Multi-Channel Television) In this essay by using critical writings and research along with relevant examples I will be talking about the importance of satellite and Multi-Channel Television as part of televisions history.

Sep 13,  · Television as an Agent for Youth and Adults Television is a continuous evolving thing. Whether it is a sitcom, reality show, cable movies, music channels, etc. the route that it takes to grad a certain audience’s attention constantly changes.

Isdn Vs.

Short essay on the Impact of Cable TV on us

Cable Modem Digital Network (ISDN), and cable television networks upgraded to pass bi-directional digital traffic (Cable Modems).

It analyzes the potential of Words; 14 Pages; The Impact Of Eletronic Media On Convetional Media THE IMPACT ON THE ADVENT OF ELECTRONIC MEDIA (new media) ON NEWSPAPERS. Essay on Television Violence is Brainwashing Americas Youth - Over many years of research, studies have found that the television violence has increased.

Certain “role model” type characters initiate most of these violent behaviors. Article shared by. Free sample essay on the Influence of Television on Youth.

Television today is one of the most powerful media available to the common man through which he has the facility of getting updated regarding the current news of the world.

Sheher () stated that youth is a backbone of the country, and media was considered a source to develope their Psyche.

So cable TV was a powerful source to contract with youth. The information which was downloaded by Internet was the “Socio-Culture Impact of Cable TV on youth generation.

Essay on the impact of cable television on the youth
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