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The first poem speaks about how the war inevitably makes you succumb to depressive thoughts and brings you to your death by your own hands, Essays about war poetry second poem speak of the unjust circumstances that war puts you in and how wrong it is that soldiers are raised for killing a fellow human being, and the final poem recognizes that war leaves permanent damage to the soldiers mind and can induce anti-social behavior as the returning soldiers cannot slip back into their previous lifestyle.

I believe Aeolian was implying that the part of him that died with the soldier was him life, Joy and Division Vietnam, his serving years from Although Aeolian had to defend his own life, he still knew it was wrong and unfair for them to both be in a war that is not their own. I do not understand how in everyday life you can kill somebody and be sent to Jail, but in a war situation you are praised and glorified.

This was unusual as he was going to war to fight, but when he shot a man he regained his conscience, only too late. The final stanza repeats the beginning of Essays about war poetry first, which is used to show the finality of the poem and emphasize his surprise of the situation again.

They are often glorified and portrayed to be patriots for their country, which is frequently conveyed through poetry. The price they pay for defending their country is to slowly, but surely, lose their sanity and human qualities.

The three poems I have chosen tie in together in the sense that they show the damage that war does to the ones fighting. Death is a common occurrence in war and the individual personalities of soldiers are lost to speak directly to the reader. James Aeolian served in the Second World War in the 10th infantry division, where he toured Europe fighting.

He was wounded in action and received a purple heart, though he never spoke about his experiences in the war with his family.

Whistling is commonly used to show an upbeat attitude, and though he is up early, this does not hinder his mood as he whistles with the lark — a spring bird.

Most Foul, which is borrowed from Shakespearean Hamlet. Winter weather has always been associated tit negative emotions, which implies that the depression fuelled by war has now started. It has six 4-lined stanzas and a final 5-lined stanza, with each having different rhyming patterns.

Those recruiting forget to mention the toll of losing your closest friends, and watching the life drain from the enemy by your own hand.

This single line stanza includes two techniques — symbolism and rhyme, although there is no consistent pattern with the rhyming. So young holds more power than referring to the soldier as Just young, and this is repeated again with the addition of Very to give additional emphasis on his age.

The alliteration is also effective as if you were to remove the remaining words, you would still receive the same message.

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The war may be over, UT a new war has begun inside themselves. However, the war has an everlasting effect and he has difficulty adapting back to his regular way of life. Soldiers that die in the pit are forgotten every day. They begin through prejudice, Jealousy, and the desire for domination.

After becoming horrified by the reality of war, his writing then became increasingly brutal to convey the truth and ugliness of war in order to crush the glorification and patriotism that is associated with it. They can occupy themselves during the day to distract their mind from their memories, but they are unable to escape their dreams.

Cowed and glum is used to tell us that the soldier is intimidated, and frightened of the war. When Swanson flirts began writing his poetry, he did so tit an alarm of romance and sweetness.

The crowd assume a superficial countenance when the soldiers walk by. They are misled to believe that war is fun, and holds the opportunity for great memories.

War is not glorious, but the crowd believe otherwise. The soldier was his enemy and they were at war, it was either kill or be killed. These poems support my view on war as I believe that war is not fought with purpose.

The American military reported self-inflicted deaths of active duty personnel inand for every death, at least five serving personnel were hospitalized for attempted suicides.

The poem is titled Murder: Siegfried Swanson is a renowned World War 1 poet who was in service from towhen he then took a stand against the conduct of war.

The emotional toll these soldiers suffer during and after their service lead to self-mutilation and self-destruction.

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Soldiers that go to war are given not false, but not entirely rue, information about what war is like. His emotions now contrast the beginning of the poem, as the seasons changed, so did the soldiers attitude. They think that by herring for the survivors they are being patriotic. He believes it is dark, evil and depressing, and while the soldiers are sent to hell, some remain there whilst there bring pieces of it back home with them.

The public are conceited and as much as they think they can, they cannot empathic with those returning from war.- ESSAY ON 3 WAR POEMS No man wants to go to war and no government wants war but there are many different circumstances that lead to the action of war.

Those involved in war will have political and personal views towards it. Civil War Poetry Essay Words | 7 Pages. Civil War Poetry The American Civil War and the Spanish Civil War were primarily wars of principle. The conflicts represented a critical point for each respective nation, a time of.

A common theme in war poetry is the transformation that war brings about in a person. Many poems reveal boys going into war and becoming young men after the experience. Another dominant theme in war poems is about the forgotten soldiers who lost their lives and weren’t remembered.

Many poems have been written about war and the feelings. Essentially, war poetry is any poetry written in the context of wartime. Sometimes, war poets are directly involved in wars, while other times, they are writing from the sidelines.

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War poetry analysis Essay. War Poetry War has an everlasting effect on the inure world, but the one group of people that have the worst experience are those that are on the frontline – the soldiers. They are often glorified and portrayed to be patriots for their country, which is frequently conveyed through poetry.

Homecoming’ is concerned with the effect of the Vietnam War, but the rest are about war in general. The purpose of the poems is to convey the poets’ own beliefs against war, for example Wilfred Owen was an avid anti-war activist, despite – or maybe because of – the fact that he fought in WW1.

Essays about war poetry
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