Examine sociological explanations of the ways

A second biological explanation for traditional gender roles centers on hormones and specifically on testosterone, the so-called male hormone. Farrar, Straus and Giroux. One thing is clear: Most of the Muppets are males, and the main female character, Miss Piggy, depicted as vain and jealous, is hardly an admirable female role model.

From infancy on, parents play with and otherwise interact with their daughters and sons differently. Third, human environments throughout the millennia have simply been too diverse to permit the simple, straightforward biological development that the evolutionary explanation assumes.

If we think behavioral and other differences between the sexes are due primarily to their respective biological makeups, we are saying that these differences are inevitable or nearly so and that any attempt to change them goes against biology and will likely fail. Students will consider the issue of the role of socialisation from different perspectives e.

Higher in the band answers will show limited, undeveloped sociological knowledge, for example two or three insubstantial points about aspects of ethnicity. First of all, school playgrounds provide a location for the gender-linked play activities just described to occur.

When their infant or toddler daughters cry, they warmly comfort them, but they tend to let their sons cry longer and to comfort them less. Boys tend to play sports and other competitive team games governed by inflexible rules and relatively large numbers of roles, while girls tend to play smaller, cooperative games such as hopscotch and jumping rope with fewer and more flexible rules.

Girls and boys in school. Meanwhile, Barrie Thorne spent many months in two different working-class communities in California and Michigan observing fourth and fifth graders sit in class and lunchrooms and play on the school playgrounds.

Among other things, they argue that she probably painted an overly simplistic picture of gender roles in her three societies Scheper-Hughes, Many studies document this process Lindsey, This will be accurately and sensitively interpreted and applied to the demands of the question.

Schools School is yet another agent of gender socialization Klein, Boys will be boys and girls will be girls: Many traditional interpretations of the Bible yield the message that women are subservient to men Tanenbaum, Social institutions shape individuals and transmit the culture of society.

New directions in theory and research pp. The Koran, the sacred book of Islam, also contains passages asserting the subordinate role of women Mayer, The male having the instrumental role being the breadwinner and the female having the expressive role she is the carer.

An overview of biological influences on violent behavior. Critics challenge the evolutionary explanation on several grounds Hurley, ; Buller, ; Begley, Find same-sex sexual relations appealing 4.

One sex was the dominant, efficient, assertive one and showed leadership in tribal affairs, while the other sex liked to dress up in frilly clothes, wear makeup, and even giggle a lot.

Assessing and explaining the relationship. In contrast, anthropologists, sociologists, and other social scientists tend to view gender as a social construction.4.

Examine sociological explanations of the ways in which ethnicity may shape social identity. [24 marks] 5. Using material from Item 1B and elsewhere, assess the functionalist view of the role of the socialisation process.

A-Level Sociology: Culture and Identity

[24 marks] Mark scheme. 1. Let’s examine the evidence for these explanations. In this way, their sociological work has helped to make a difference and promises to continue to do so. Schools.

School is yet another agent of gender socialization (Klein, ). Understanding Sex and Gender by University of Minnesota is licensed under a Creative Commons. Here we review four of the major sociological explanations for deviant behavior. Structural Strain Theory American sociologist Robert K.

Merton developed structural strain theory as an extension of the functionalist perspective on deviance. Read this essay on Examine Sociological Explanations for the Unequal Distribution of Wealth and Income in Contemporary Britain (24 Marks). Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays.

Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. Only at killarney10mile.com". examine sociological explanations of the ways in which ethnicity may shape social identity intro: define concepts of ethnicity and social identity.

features of ethnic minority identity: physical features such as skin colour; shared language; religious. Examine sociological explanations of the ways in which ethnicity may shape social identity.

Using material from Item 1B and elsewhere, assess sociological explanations of the role of culture in society.

Examine sociological explanations of the ways
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