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Their multi-coloured feathers gleamed into sunlight. Medals and awards are an incentive to players to achieve excellence and a high standard of performance in their respective fields.

Life has its misfortunes, woes, failures. Democracy versus Dictatorship Democracy versus Dictatorship: I found that people in America are very conscious of saving time.

The healthy spirit of rivalry and competition constantly leads to improvement in the performance and previous records are constantly excelled or surpassed. He will always obey his superiors. Besides learning a new language, I made new friends and I really got into the culture of a great and beautiful country.

It was pleasing indeed to hear them. One can spend hours and hours together discovering them. My father told us that our apartment was also in one of the skyscrapers and a lift, within seconds, would take us to the 40th floor.

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He will never see his enemies below belt. The quality is best inculcated in human beings through games. Those who play games greatly maintain good health. It looked white on all sides.

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There was a great rush of passengers at Calcutta. Needless to say, that the Mall culture also becoming popular in India but we still have a long way to go when we compare them with the Malls abroad.

He needs rest to recoup health and viability. Our country presents geographical diversity. Skill is a mental quality. A sounder criticism of democracy in times of war would be to say that secrecy in military affairs becomes difficult, if not impossible, and that the oppositions usably lowers the morale of people by its loud condemnations of the actions of the Cabinet.

But democracy has its danger. The tone of the first verse is very matter of fact, simply informing the reader of how a widow accidentally stumbles upon some old, uncared for songbooks.

My land is so vast that it cannot have uniformity in anything. It is the government of the people as distinguished from the government of an individual or of a class of people.

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The Epilogue of the novel shows most effectively the relationship between the past and present. Another critic of democracy is that it is wanting in efficiency. The tiger was strong and handsome. Games are an excellent means of bodily exercise. It is indeed an amazing sight and it gives New York an identity of its own.

The best thing which I liked was the warmth and the behaviour of the people, whom I met, even strangers welcomed us with a smile and wished. Communal clashes are the nature of the day.Feb 24,  · Hi everyone, Thanks for all your help and support so far.

Please help me with the following essay. What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in a foreign country?

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Order now It is for these reasons that sports form a very important part in education. A bookworm who takes no interest in sport is physically weak and all his mental excellence can’t make up for his physical deficiency. The Past is a foreign country - Sample Essay “The Past is a foreign country: they do things differently there.

” Referring to L. P. Hartley’s novel “The Go-Between” and Philip Larkin’s poetry anthology “The Whitsun Weddings”, explore the significance of the past. “It is fantastic to be found in a foreign country” – Ed O’Brien. As a result of globalization, many people can now have the opportunity to live in a different country.

NGAN TRAN The second draft essay The effects of living on a foreign country – Focus on effects LIVING IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY It’s difficult for beginning new life in a foreign country because my life likes number 0. I will be learned something and don’t forget experiences.

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