Majumder v attorney

Here the offer is clear, definite and certain because it is the Dalmation breed which is identified and the amount is RM Carlill v Carbolic Majumder v attorney Ball Company [] b Product display at self-service shop - the shopowners only display goods and invite customers to make an offer.

Under Section 4 2 a of Contracts Act,once the letter of acceptance, with properly stamped and properly addressed, is posted into the mail box, there is a contract binding Ali and Bubu on 7 Mayeven if the letter is lost. Therefore there is no contract. It is a bilateral offer because the offer is made specifically to the dress shop and only the dress shop can accept or reject the offer- Boulton v.

Here, there is no acceptance because Fei Fei offer to buy the Dalmation dog for RM was not accepted by the pet shop. Business Law Tutorial 3 Suggested Answers 1. Here, the offer is communicated because she was told the Dalmation is RM Snedaker Revocation of An Offer A proposal may be revoked at any time before the communication of its acceptance is complete before the promisee accepts as against the proposer, but not afterwards.

Counter-offer is making a new offer and it operates as a rejection of the original offer- Hyde v. Do refer to Section 4 2 of the CA Offer, acceptances, intention to create legal relation, and consideration.

In this case, it is an offer because it is made specifically to Bubu only and only Bubu can accept or reject. According to Section 4 1 of Contracts Act,an offer must be communicated- Taylor v.

Boots Cash Chemist There may be variation. Carbolic Smoke Ball Co. An offer is defined in Section 2 a of Contracts Act, As an undertaking by the offeror to be contractually bound in the event of a proper acceptance by the offeree.

According to Section 5 1 of Contracts Act,the offeror may withdraw his offer at anytime before acceptance. This is my own version.

Here, the offer is communicated because Bubu posted her acceptance letter. It constitutes a binding contract once the application is accepted. Must be clear and definite 2. An invitation to treat is inviting the public to make an offer. Here, there is an acceptance, so Ali cannot withdraw his offer on 8 May because there is contract between Ali and Bubu on the 7 May The offer must be complete and final 4.(a promise for a promise) In Majumder v Attorney General of Sarawak () 1 MLJ a newspaper advertisement stated a medical officer was required in Sarawak for general medical duties and the advertisement set out the salary scale.

I. Bobby Majumder is a partner in the firm's Corporate practice and Firmwide Co-Chair of the firm's India Practice who focuses on corporate and securities. Home» Commonwealth» M N Guha Majumder v The Attorney General of Sarawak: PC 16 Jan M N Guha Majumder v The Attorney General of Sarawak: PC 16 Jan January 12, admin Off Commonwealth.

In the case of Majumder v Attorney General of Sarawak () 1 MLJ An example of an invitation to treat is a store's ad in the Sunday paper.

whereas accepting an invitation to treat only constitutes making an offer.5/5(1). 2. INVITATION TO TREAT (a) Newspaper advertisement to the public at large The general rule that an advertisement is an invitation to treat.

An advertisement of a job vacancy in a newspaper is an invitation to treat while the application sent, or a response to the said advertisement, is actually an offer. In the case of Majumder v Attorney-General of Sarawak, the Federal Court held that an advertisement in the newspaper for the post of a doctor was an invitation to treat.

When an auctioneer invites bids, he is merely making an ‘invitation to treat’, and when a bidder makes a bid, he is making an offer.

Majumder v attorney
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