My last day at college essay in urdu

On the stage were our honourable Principal, Vice-Principal and other members of the staff. So, i want to college common room. We were taken to the big hall. Soon after we got our school certificates. Some students also rec i ted poems and couplets befitting the occasion. The first year students had also arrange different songs and dramas.

Our English teacher, Sh. The students take away the sweet memories of their college. All the outgoing students looked very serious. We can recall them any time, any where. These books were arranged subject wise and kept under locks and keys.

He advises us to maintain discipline in college. We had a feeling of sorrow because we were leaving the class fellow as well as our junior companions. It was a big hall with plenty of noise. After the first period the teachers and the students of both classes met in the school hall. I knew "The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it.

I replied to this address on behalf of the students of class X. College is the only place which aims at the moral development of a person.

I also sat there for sometime and enjoyed reading a book. He said that though we were parting from the school this year yet they would join us next year in this great school of life — the world.

It fell on the 28th of Feb. Since the examinations were at hand so we could hardly lose any item in making long speeches and unnecessary formalities. I advised them to try to keep the good traditions of the school in the fields of games, cultural activities and studies.

My First Day at College

The lecturer entered the room with a register containing the names of the students of the section. They also gave brief speeches. A second year students was forced to perform the parody of our English teacher.

I recalled the happy hours spent there. Every body felt sad to think of departing each other. The function was started by the students of eleventh class. It was peaceful and serene as usual. After this the monitor of our class also made a brief speech on behalf of the outgoing, students, which was also very moving.

The proceedings commenced with a recitation from the Holy Quran. Only through expereince of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired and succes achieved. A college imparts knowledge but also tells us the ways to lead a contented life. It is a custom in our school that 11th class students bid — farewell to the 12th class.

We, the studentstook our seats on the chairs. Being a stranger, I roamed to search for the lecture room. Now was the time for the party. The things were repeated by every lecturer, After the last one left the class, we talked to each other for sometime and then went out with new friends to roam about.

We have to leave that place. There was going to be held a farewell party.Sep 20,  · My Last Day At College Essay For F.A Fsc B.A Bsc Life in a Village Essay for F.A B.A Students Life in a Village (OR) A Pakistani Village Outline: Pakistan is an agriculture country. Jun 06,  · English Essay on "My First Day at College" For years I have been aspiring to be a college student free from the burden of homework mid free from the niggling’s and chidings of the schoolteachers.

I have been seeing my elder brother going to college with only a note book in hand and with no cumbersome burden of various books carried in school bag lying on his shoulder.

Sweet memories are like the sweet flowers. They become a constant source of happiness and glee in the depressing drama of the life.

The sweet memories of my first day at college are the assets of my life. Essay: My Last Day At College. Lahori_Munda January 10, Essay: So it was my last day at the college where I had studied for nearly 2 years. The function was to be organised by the students of XI Class under the supervision of our Vice-Principal.

My Last Day at College Essay with Simple Quotation

We reached the college at a.m. «Essay: My. Sep 20,  · My First Day At College (OR) My First Impression Of College (OR) Pleasure Of College Life Democracy Essay for F.A FSc B.A B.S.c Student Democracy is a popular form of government.

My last day in college is still green in my mind. I can never forget it. It is important for many known and unknown reasons. It was a wonderful day indeed. Every thing looked strange to me, though very familiar.

I had strange feelings this day. It was going to be my last .

My last day at college essay in urdu
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