Reflection of culture

I am still struggling to comfortably live in both communities and find comfort in the values of both my Samoan and American identities. It was as if my elementary years Reflection of culture the U. How can they be served? For most of my childhood, adolescence, and adult life, I have Reflection of culture connected to Samoa.

Everyone in the family knows what is expected of them: My father is American and my mother is a Filipina. Samoans are people of Polynesian anthropological traits. I am able to balance between those two extremes.

Parents generally approve of peer groups organized within the church. We are all able to silence the critics at will according to our own set of beliefs and values. Peers are influential, but they are not as prominant as the family. The pastor is an important member of the community; he and his wife are considered the spiritual parents of the village.

Part of that is holding a mirror up to society that accurately reflects the good and the bad. What can you teach them about your culture? People around the world decorate their bodies with clothing, jewelry and various forms of body modification, including piercing, scarring, painting, shaping and tattooing.

How can you learn from others who have lived in other countries? Asian American Culture Reflection: Kids who deviate from community valued peer groups are often strongly disciplined by the teachers and are also reported to their parents and the community in which those kids live.

Culture in all its forms, particularly the artistic or creative, is the mirror that is most reflective of the times in which it is produced. Today, Samoa has two political governments—American Samoa and Western Samoa—but the culture has remained the very much the same since Samoans first occupied the island groups now called Samoa.

Film, like other popular media, are reflections of the times in which they are produced; there will not, I am confident to say, be a remake of Birth of a Nation coming to the local multiplex anytime soon.

Since my parents wanted me to better understand my Filipino heritage, we often traveled to the Philippines. The family is still a stronger influence, even during adolescence.

Today, when people inquire about my cultural identity, I usually tell them that it depends in which country I happen to be residing or visiting. How can you nurture kids who struggle between two cultures?

I remember an occasion in the s when my parents, returning from a trip to New York to our home in rural Cape Breton, brought with them the hardware to set up a satellite dish in our backyard. In this seminar, we missionary kids were labeled as third culture kids TCKs.

Children learn mathematics, Biblical history, and Bible stories, all under the watchful eye of the pastor. Most children behave well because they understand that the whole village is looking after all of the children.

A personal reflection on cultural identity

Family is a sacred institution, meaning that individuals exist in the context of their family. Children go to this school after they return from the government or public schools.

There were many times I was confused, even rejecting parts of my inherited culture.Reflections of Culture draws from Fernbank's permanent collections, featuring the Dorothy Methvin McClatchey Collection, to showcase the fascinating similarities among cultures throughout the world and the different ways of expressing cultural information through the things people create and wear.

Culture in all its forms, particularly the artistic or creative, is the mirror that is most reflective of the times in which it is produced. Let’s do our best to facilitate and encourage the exploration of culture, and thereby create an understanding of the meanings that lie beneath the surface of the cultural looking-glass.

How is language a reflection of culture? "way of life" -- differences The beliefs and practices governing the life of a society Which a particular language is the vehicle of expression The word "culture" can be defined in different ways There's still a little connection between them.

I have recently begun to define my cultural identity as both Filipino and American. I am proud to be of mixed cultural background; I am able exude the best qualities from both. My father is American and my mother is a Filipina. As is the case with most reflective writing, a Personal Reflection is a response to a particular stimulus.

Often, it is written by an individual to explore personal experiences, feelings and events. A personal reflection is an opportunity to reconsider events, thoughts and feelings from a fresh perspective. Many blog posts are written in this style. Beauty Is a Reflection of Culture and Perception Essay Words | 4 Pages.

perceived and what beauty is defined as is a very controversial topic. Beauty is a reflection of one’s culture and perceptions. However, one’s idea of beauty may become contorted.

This results in a misperception of what beauty really is.

Reflection of culture
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