Stop blaming victims for sexual assault essay

Victim blaming, however, is a huge part of our culture. Assuming a rape cannot possibly occur between friends, colleagues or family members is on par with how most children define the term "stranger. The story gets worse: This is especially true in the case of acquaintance rape, as well as being raped by an ex, a current partner or a family member.

A person has very little to gain by making up a story about sexual assault. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Acquaintance rape happens more often than you think.

Take them to get medical attention. Validation is indispensable, especially because many victims of sexual assault incorrectly blame themselves. I still cannot fathom how these men could even attempt to blame her, but I know that in reality, victim blaming is an all-too-common reaction in cases of sexual assault.

They could not be more wrong. A TV anchor quoted one of the rapists, who defended himself by saying, "She looked older than You can read the original post and other articles at HayleysComments.

Clearly anticipating this response, she told us we were wrong and reminded us that a dangerous stranger can look nice and even friendly. It is hard for most people to imagine the fear that rape victims experience when they are isolated and then sexually assaulted.

Many people are quick to scoff at these types of "rape" claims. If they want to go, it is helpful if they have a friend to accompany them. Seek out law enforcement.

Why is it that people are often more apt to take up arms against the rape victim rather than the rapist? The site provides telephone numbers for sexual assault hotlines and has a great search engine that locates rape crisis centers in your area.

Victim Blaming: An All-Too-Common Response to Sexual Assault

Ask the victim if they want to go to the hospital. Just listening to their story and being there is probably one of the best things you can do to help a friend or relative who has been sexually assaulted.These ‘blurred lines’ lead to a prevalence of rape culture and victim blaming.

Victim blaming and turning a blind eye to victims of rape and sexual assault cases is not only supporting rape culture but is also dangerous for the mental state of the victim. Essay on Rape and Sexual Assault. Consistently in our courtrooms, comment sections and even at our dinner tables, we witness victim-blaming that is used to dehumanize, villainize and ultimately dismiss survivors of sexual assault.

Blaming Victims Who Wait to Come Forward About Sexual Assault Is Not OK The amount of media coverage currently dedicated to sexual assault is unprecedented.

And it is a double-edged sword. Victim blaming has been studied multiple times within the context of sexual assaults, yet the practice of blaming victims remains prevalent.

Intimate partner abuse inherently incorporates the use of psychological blaming of the victim, and the impact of victim blaming from social support systems cannot be underestimated.

This year’s essay asked students from Trempealeau County to consider the impact of victim blaming upon sexual assault survivors, and how communities can instead support victims. I am one in four. One in four girls who has been sexually abused by the time they’re I am one of overvictims of sexual assault each year.

Stop blaming victims for sexual assault essay
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