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While some people may continue to believe that police officers have an unlimited amount of discretion; that is not the case. A questionnaire conducted among police officers revealed that they were more likely to arrest juvenile delinquents that a man hitting his wife Brown, As such, it was an appropriate move for Police Chief Thorton to adviser her officers to increase their use of discretion and common sense when in the field because it will ultimately serve to empower the department and make field officers more efficient in protecting and serving their community.

They need to analyze each and every situation and circumstance that arises and question what people already apperceive. Moreover, given the tremendous overlap between issues like mental health, drug addiction, sexual abuse and prostitution, arresting prostitutes seems unlikely to cure the problem.

On one hand, police officers in most of the states have to arrest batterers, but on the other hand, many of them are reluctant to do the paperwork and do not provide any response to domestic offenders. If a police officer pulled your vehicle over, would you not want this law enforcer to understand and empathize with what is happening here?

Failing to arrest the primary offender can lead to censure, so officers may end up arresting both the aggressor and a victim who has fought back; the result is that many victims who strike back in self-defense end up arrested as well.

There are also situations when an officer has to make a decision on what type of force is necessary for certain situations. To apply discretion correctly, there are certain attributes a police officer must possess.

Gang violence is another area where officers may choose to exercise their discretion. This would have been essentially following the protocol. This clearly makes discretion appropriate based on the individual needs of the community.

They must make a discretionary decision on what to do about a crime in progress if, for instance, they are out of uniform shopping with their family. Yet, this has only backfired in regards to the efficiency and productivity of the Thames Valley Police Department.

While most noise ordinances prohibit sounds over a particular decibel past a certain time, how an officer chooses to enforce an ordinance involves an act of discretion.

Police Discretion the Execution of Discretion in&nbspTerm Paper

However, this alone also did not solve the problem. Essentially, more and more complex regulations were being established, which were acting negatively to restrict what officers in the field could do in regards to the unique nature of each case and situation they were experiencing.

For example, let us just say that a police officer pulls over an individual who was speeding. Over 52 new guidelines were instituted for Thames Valley police officers in alone. A classic example of such a vice crime is prostitution.

Police Discretion Term Paper

Many would have a problem with this policy. In older times, officers were hesitant to involve themselves in what they believed was a private matter, and may even have labored under the belief that not arresting an offender was better for the family.

Also, equal treatment of all victims should be promoted. Race alone should not be a factor. Reports show that before s police officers almost never arrested batterers. Police Chief Constable Sara Thorton "said there was too much government guidance for officers who were not allowed to use their discretion" Daily Mail Reporter, It is possible, that when police officers have several options to choose from i.Police discretion is a constant consideration within Police services.

It is seen by many to be both an essential part of policing as well as a con.

Police Discretion

View this term paper on Police Discretion the Execution of Discretion in. The execution of discretion in judgment among police officers has been studied for.

Discretion Police Chiefs and Discretionary&nbspTerm Paper

Read Police Discretion free essay and over 88, other research documents. Police Discretion. Police Discretion Police discretion is the ability to choose a /5(1). Police Discretion Police discretion is the ability to choose a course of action because of broad limits of power.

It “refers to the autonomy an It “refers to the autonomy an 1, Words | 5 Pages/5(1). View this term paper on Discretion Police Chiefs and Discretionary.

Police chiefs also find themselves using various types of administrative discretion as well. Police discretion is a tool used by officers; it gives them the ability to utilize the law to the letter or not to enforce it to the letter of the law.

Some say that latitude in decision making by frontline staff is one of the defining characteristics of human service organizations.

Discretion is 3/5(6).

Term paper on police discretion
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