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The decay as Death grows near with time. But as the poets love is like parallel lines it can never meet. The poet is at ease when he is writing the poem. As the poet remarks: His love, as the poet describes: The poet, in expression of his love, is sometimes Petrarchan, at times Plutonic sometimes passionate and occasionally very argumentative.

Hope did try to promise fulfilment to me, but its effort was futile. But ours, so truly parallel, Though infinite, can never meet. Our union can come about only if the spinning planets collapse and some new convulsion occurs and splits the earth with its violence.

Finally the poet describes the love between his and mistress as the conjunction of the mind and opposition of the stars.

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But our loves are like parallel lines. As the poet desires: Perfect love of this kind is most unwelcome to Fate who therefore never permits the union of perfect lovers.

If fate is strong, they will be separated; and if they unite, fate will be ruined. At the very beginning of this poem the poet says that his love has a rare birth and its aim is exceptionally strange and sublime.

So she should grant his sexual appeal as early as possible. To him human life is very much transient and within the transient moment of life the pleasure of love should be enjoyed fully. The poet is not suffering for the reasons that will come.

Despair is magnanimous, i. So this love is as says the poet: What distinguishes this poem from the other two technically is its confident, resonant tone and exceptional speed.

As the poet expects: Thus, he is enlarging our sensitivity. Therefore, he is using many images for the same experience. It is not a glib measure, and all three poems are noticeably short.

As the poet says: The world, in other words, will always get in the way and prevent them from meeting. Such lines can never meet even if they are stretched to infinity. Then we have the extra twist of the knife in the metaphor of childbearing: He must be cool to say that fate is against us.

The experience of this poem is one; it is an experience of love. There is an image when there is a fusion between the thought and feeling. And yet I quickly might arrive Where my extended soul is fixt, But Fate does iron wedges drive, And always crowds itself betwixt.

He is complicating the experience because he is resorting to an area outside the poem. The new discoveries that had been taking place in the 19th century.Metaphysical Poetry of Andrew Marvell Marvel, whose writing was generally of a witty nature and full of elaborate conceits, Halloween universal concepts such as love, fate and time, reflecting on carper diem In his poems ‘The Definition of.

Apr 04,  · Therefore the love which us doth bind, But Fate so enviously debars, Is the conjunction of the mind, And opposition of the stars. Andrew Marvell – The Definition Of Love – Video Dailymotion. Before we start our discussion about this poem, let us have a quick overview on the concept of the Metaphysical poetry.

Metaphysical deals with. Andrew Marvell in "The Definition of Love" Summary: This is an analytical essay on "The Definition of Love" by Andrew Marvell. "The Definition of Love" is said to be one of the more difficult poems to follow as opposed to Marvell's previous love poems.

Beside physical love, Andrew Marvell presents spiritual love in his poem “The Definition of Love”. In the poem the poet has spiritualized love and describes the characteristics of his love for his beloved.

Here, as we see, the poets love is platonic where spiritual soul and mind dominate the theme. Compare and contrast Andrew Marvell's poem "The Definition of Love" with John Donne's poem "The Both Marvell and Donne discuss the topic of Love in each one of their poems "The Definition of Love" and "The Canonization" respectively.

The Definition of Love by Andrew Marvell

Fate is Love's Nemesis in "The Definition of Love" by Andrew Marvell Essay - Andrew Marvell's The Definition of Love is the epitome of irony. Marvell takes the feelings often associated with love and drowns them in a cool, lucid.

The definition of love andrew marvell essay
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