The recruiting officer by george farquhar

Gone were the days when every prince, baron, or monastery could surround themselves with thick walls which, if never altogether impregnable, were at least able to force a considerable delay on The recruiting officer by george farquhar attacker.

It was an immediate hit and went on to become one of the most frequently performed plays of the 18th century. The young woman, Melinda, has taken on airs since becoming rich, and she has proceeded to make life miserable for Worthy.

Farquhar casts an almost genial eye over his characters who are entrapped either by their own gullibility or greed, the unpredictability of the human heart, and a little cross-dressing. Worthy asked Melinda to become his mistress a year previously, as he believed her to be of inadequate fortune to marry.

On approval, you will either be sent the print copy of the book, or you will receive a further email containing the link to allow you to download your eBook. Johan Persson Michael Grandage may have gone out in a blaze, such was his success in turning the Donmar into a glossy international theatre brand and the venue that Stephen Sondheim has called the "the greatest theatre in the English-speaking world".

The entire section is 1, words. This is not the first time he has done as much for the captain; he has accumulated a list of six wives in the same manner.

The Recruiting Officer Summary

TV Adaptations[ edit ] There have been two television adaptations of the play. They are very good at their job. Worthy is of higher social standing, and had attempted to make Melinda his kept mistress for the large sum of pounds a year.

After all the laughter, it is a reminder that war is no joke. With cross-dressing and confusion in plenty, this is a comedy exploring the timeless themes of love and war. In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt The recruiting officer by george farquhar the content: The mendacity of the blithely amoral, greasy Kite is only matched by the extraordinary stupidity of his victims.

After reading the letter, Justice Balance, concerned with getting Sylvia away from the captain, immediately sends her by coach to one of his country estates.

Sylvia also drops her disguise. Rourke too proves herself a winner with this savvy, mischievous revival that is certain to drum up plenty of support for her new regime. However, during the wars of the early part of the century, the Press Act allowed the involuntary recruitment of those with no visible means of support, and so army officers toured the country, to encourage voluntary enlistment with all kinds of specious promises and to press others with the co-operation of local magistrates.

There is a progression with the earliest plays the most explicit, and the latter more refined. At the end, the rather fabulous band, who also play the men pressed unwillingly into service, march to their deaths to the dying strains of Over the Hills and Far Away.

Worthy intercepts Brazen and a disguised woman he takes this to be Melinda, and challenges Brazen to a duel. The obstacle in the way of Plume and Silvia is conventional the objections of her fatherbut that which mars the courtship of Worthy and Melinda is more unusual.

Instead, military technological progress created a situation where warfare. Both works deal with the nature and merits of punishment, rehabilitation and theatre. It has a light, humane touch and its original depiction of a real-life provincial town comically explores the impact that ongoing warfare had on its civilian society.

The abuses shown in the play include corruption any bribe greater than the bounty paid for a new recruit secured his releaseenlistment of infants so that other soldiers could draw their pay, debauchery it was said at the time that they made enough women pregnant to replace the men enlisted.

Since its satirical targets are long gone, the way that Farquhar made them secondary to the fun has ensured the survival of the play. For information on how we process your data, read our Privacy Policy. Melinda and Sylvia argue after Melinda says that the money she has inherited makes her more desirable.

Then she suddenly inherited 20, pounds and became his social equal, and naturally resents his attempts to marry her now that it is acceptable to do so. In fact, Farquhar seems to be most skillful not only at dramatizing the realities of war but also at disarming any potential anxiety his audience may have had over the brutishness and inevitability of war through a consistent tone of amiability.

Farquhar records not only the transformation of warfare but also the cultural reverberations as war became symbolic capital in a struggle between the aristocracy and the state.

Meanwhile Melinda continues to discourage Worthy, until going to a fortune teller in fact Kite in disguisewhere she is convinced to relent and accept his courtship.

Thus, none of the characters are really unpleasant; they may be weak, tempted into abuses by the absurdity of early eighteenth century society or the system created by the Press Act.

The characters are a great strength of this play, the male parts in particular avoiding melodramatic heroes and villains.Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Farquhar's The Recruiting Officer is set in Shrewsbury in and describes what happens in a country town when the army come to stay.

With cross-dressing and confusion in plenty, this is a comedy exploring the timeless themes of love and war. George Farquhar’s The Recruiting Officer was the most popular play of the 18th century. It got more performances than Hamlet, the second most popular.

The Recruiting Officer - review

Think of that. This completely new edition of The Recruiting Officer contains a freshly-edited play text, with new annotations, in modern spelling. Tiffany Stern's. The Recruiting Officer - review when George Farquhar penned his play about the underhand methods used by the army to swell its ranks to fight the French in the War of Spanish Succession, is at.

Warfare, Conscription, and the Disarming of Anxiety Kevin J. Gardner Set against the patriotic backdrop of Marlborough's astonishing victory at Blenheim over the allied forces of Louis XIV inGeorge Farquhar's The Recruiting Officer () was one of the most successful of eighteenth-century comedies.

The recruiting officer by george farquhar
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