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Breaking Into the US market Toyota must focus on increasing the exposure and market potential of the Prius in the ever growing U. The Prius saves on the cost of fuel, saves on the time used in filling it up with gas, it is immediately recognized because it generates a peer-peer Buzz and it provides ecofriendly benefits with disregard of sacrifice.

In such a situation, it is very important that customers choose Toyota Prius. The promotional campaign should be continued from the preparation period and the beginning of sales for about three months in order to make the customers aware of all benefits and advantages of Toyota Prius.

This means that it is necessary to launch a promotional campaign before the new car appears in the market. Example papers and sample papers on the most popular topics. Despite the great success of the Prius in Japan and the USA, a careful sales target has been set for Europe, considering differences in taste and culture.

Marketing strategies Naturally, the introduction of the new car in the markets of the UK, Sweden and Greece should be based on the use of the effective strategies because, at the present moment, markets are saturated and a midsize hatchback would, in all probability, encounter a strong rivalry from the part of the major competitors that will create certain entry barriers.

Naturally, in the promotional campaign, it is important to draw the attention of customers to the fact that the fuel consumption of Toyota Prius is very low, especially compared to other cars, that is another significant advantage of the car, especially in the current situation, when oil prices hit the ceiling and the cars consuming the large amount of fuel become unable to compete, especially in European market in such relatively small countries as the UK, Sweden and Greece.

The Prius does this by utilizing a parallel hybrid powertrain, this is known as the Toyota Hybrid System. In return for the franchise, a dealer must offer a good aftercare service, to honour the warranties typically 3 years that are guaranteed be the manufacturer.

Naturally, it is necessary to help them the right choice and Internet provides ample opportunities to the effective promotion of Toyota Prius and its positive characteristics. As Shatin is a well developed town, many people, especially middle classes, settle there.

At the same time, taking into consideration that there may be some remote areas where the population is not so numerous and the number of customers is also smaller than in large cities, for instance, it is possible to continue the promotional preparation campaign in these region for two more week so that within a month the entire market was ready for the introduction of the new car.

Toyota Prius: Green or Geek Machine - Essay Example

People can experience the comfort of the car and professional opinions are given by salesmen at the same time. Problems with Hybrid Cars 1.

Research Paper on Toyota Prius

Also, CarPlus is top three car magazine in Hong Kong. According to the result of our questionnaire, most of the interviewees obtain the car information by the car magazine. In regards the Toyota Prius case, the factors that the company dealt with are: Its brakes should last longer too.

Salesmen should be able to tell the advantages and features of the Prius and to answer queries from customers. In this case, there are several images showing Toyota Prius cars on the website. First International Symposium On.

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The many problems have kept the leading car manufacturers from delving into the electric car market. Along with the promotion of the car, it is necessary to make it really available to the mass consumers. The UK car market is almost totally dominated by foreign-owned groups.

For this reason, Toyota only recommends oil changes every 5, miles, unlike my Subaru which specifies oil changes every 3, miles. Statistics display this customer preferences. Apparently, this will attract customers who have a family and, since these customers are the major target group of Toyota Prius, than the success of such advertising will, to a significant extent, define the success of the entire promotional campaign.

Also, it is necessary to focus on the promotion of the car and make the model, Toyota Prius recognizable. Benefits of Hybrid Cars 1. The distribution of the Prius is mainly located at the six local Crown showrooms.

Toyota Prius; Marketing Communications Plan

How well has Toyota dealt with these factors? Market analysis identified the target market, which consists of two groups: Settings of Exhibition For the first exhibition on 29th and 30th July, a press conference will be held together with the exhibition. The next step is to attract the readers to the exhibitions and showrooms to do the feeling process.

SAE Technical Paper, Many states even gave permission for the hybrids to use carpooling lanes which allow people to travel more quickly to work.Essay about Toyota Motors Company. In the case of Toyota, it is the Prius. In addition, rising oil prices have resulted to sales of the new hybrid vehicles going up.

The other opportunity for Toyota is its sale of its technology to other car manufacturers. Scholarship Essay. Psychology Essays. Law Assignments. Professional Academic. Free toyota prius papers, essays, and research papers. Hence, Toyota is the local pioneer in this product line.

Toyota Prius: Segmentation

h. Target Market of Toyota Prius The target market can be split into two major categories: B2B customers and private consumers. B2B customers are fleet and corporate buyers, who buy cars either for hire or rental or for company fleets.

From the Toyota Prius, with its aerodynamic styling, to the Hybrid System Net HP Camry Hybrid, one of the most fuel-efficient sedans in its class, Toyota hybrids are designed to create harmony between man, nature and machine.

Introduction This advertisement plan for Toyota Prius will focus on the target market needs and wants. The report will duly identify the tar. Toyota has produced a large range of different vehicles across many different markets and has the capacity to produce new technology as it has already done before with the introduction of the Toyota Prius electric/petrol hybrid.

WEAKNESSES Hybrid is new technology that is not "tried and true" and little is known about potential development .

The toyota prius essay
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