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I cover sports business. Probably more useful to you is my advice on how to target the right people. Is writing a sports blog process easy? They might post times a week for those first few weeks… but then it drops off. The ones that are relevant to me or seem really unique.

Before the email, she tweeted me a link to a sports business piece she wrote. Check out another post I did where several others chimed in on the value of having expertise in one area versus knowing a little about a lot.

The odds of getting noticed in your first few posts are slim to none. Which ones do I read? The key is to help these people do their job better. I kept a detailed spreadsheet that I unfortunately lost in a computer crash last year where I added all these contacts as I wrote about each new team.

Sports blog content writing

My time at Forbes led me to a new niche: When I founded that website, I vowed to write a post every single weekday. All I can say is that I did it, and it worked for me. Getting a paid position after a handful of posts is also unlikely. I also had a publishing deal to turn that paper into a book.

I wrote posts on BusinessofCollegeSports. I recently wrote about a high school freshman who emailed me. I tell you all that so you have a feel for my qualifications to write the following post on how to become a successful sports blogger.

The number one mistake I see being made is people tweeting me blogs that have nothing to do with what I cover. From there, I began to write for SportsMoney on Forbes. I quickly became the only person writing original content about the business side of college sports on a daily basis.

My approach led to me being quoted and linked to by newspapers all over the country. You probably already have something you want to write about, but is it unique?

None of those people were linking to me when I was one of dozens of bloggers writing game recaps about the Braves. Promote your work — the right way. It was that pedigree, and an email to the editor of SportsMoney on Forbes. In the tweet she told me she was a high school freshman.

The last mistake I see people making is with regards to how they promote their work. My first sports blog was a Braves blog I wrote during my last year of law school spring ofwhich quickly turned into an opportunity to be a co-founder a larger Braves blog on a national blogging network.

Everyone wants instant gratification. Nearly every day I receive a tweet from someone who wants me to read a post on their blog or sometimes their whole blog. If you want to turn you blogging into a full-time job, treat it like one. When I wrote about an entire conference, I looked for the top beat writers and radio hosts for every school.

The bottom line is that you get more out of something targeted. In AprilI decided the popularity of my business of college sports posts on Forbes.

Launch Your Sports Writing Career

It also led to radio interviews in dozens of markets. I click on very few of these. The same is true for writing: I also added in the writers at ESPN. Not convinced that narrowing your focus can expand your reach?

How many of you are writing that frequently?Sports Blog Net is a great site for any writer to gain experience. It helps you get noticed around the sports world on the web.

The responsibilities can be varied depending on if you want to handle a site on your own. “How to Start a Sports Blog” was chosen over “How to Start a Sports Website” because more people search for How to Start a Sports Blog.

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Not letting your personality shine — Finding your voice is important in writing. Article Writing & Blog Projects for $10 - $ Looking for a freelancer interested in a long term position writing weekly blog content for a new sports blog!

I need someone creative with a Passion for writing and perhaps an interest in sports woul. Blog Writing Contract Law Legal Research Legal Writing Sports Writing ecommerce Hourly ‐ Posted ago. Interested in writing for an SB Nation team blog? Excellent!

SB Nation blog openings. If you love sports and love writing, SB Nation provides the. Enter your email address to sign in or create an account on SportsBlog.

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Writing a sports blog
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