Zipcar marketing mix

Is one growing faster than the other? It is reflective of the values and requirements that guide them. With Zipcar, in their lives, most people do not feel the need of owning a second or third car.

This gave it an early entry advantage.

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We are glad you are enjoying Advertising Age. Contributed to Branding Strategy Insider By: We are very much a local brand marketer; in terms of what we do, we are really building relationships with local business, events, viral marketing.

On the one hand, it is purely economic; we offer such an incredibly better economic solution compared with owning a car. First, what do you think about handicapped accessibility of this service? Once Zipcar marketing mix was established as an alternative to owning a car, greater emphasis could be given to how Zipcar helped the targeted customer achieve his or her goals.

Answer 3 Positioning refers to the plan that marketers have charted out in order to promote their product in the niche that seek to target. A focus on brand essence may be helpful in this regard. Zipcar has several innovative technology applications, such as: Zipcar may do well to target younger consumers, emphasizing its pioneering role in the car-sharing category and positioning the brand as one that demonstrates a commitment to protecting the environment.

They have passion, they have an attitude, and they are an incredibly important part of our brand growth plan. Text Message Alerts — Members can sign up to receive text message alerts about an upcoming reservation as well as alerts regarding an existing reservation that is about to expire.

The success of any marketing campaign has a lot to do with its inclusiveness of the client. This application can greatly reduce carbon emissions and improve city environments. We take member experience extremely seriously.

You have served in a variety of marketing roles over the years. While starting out, Zipcar adopted a value based positioning strategy that helped it differentiate itself from its competitors. As the urban population continues to grow and searches for ways to help the environment while saving money, getting rid of their personally—owned vehicles will continue to be the obvious choice.

Two of such factors are benefit orientation and beliefs and values. With Zipcar, members are more likely to take advantage of all methods of transportation and use cars only when they need to. This behavior results in less congestion on the roadways, fewer greenhouse gas emissions and fewer vehicle miles traveled VMTs.

When the firm shifted to a benefit oriented strategy, it first underscored the most compelling reasons for renting a car. Unless a product is marketed in a way that it makes the client feel that there indeed exists a need that this product or service can fulfill, the product will not be able to make the optimal impact on a potential customer.

As you probably know, car-sharing is a category that is relatively young and there is tremendous opportunity for further penetration for the cities that we are in, and there are incremental cities to go in. What is the overall marketing mix for Zipcar, and do you expect to alter that as part of your growth plan?

We are in Canada, in Vancouver and Toronto, and we are in London. While doing this, they noticed that there were a few reasons as to why somebody would want to share a car or rent one form Zipcar.

We have added in things like online and other marketing vehicles, but as we grow, we will maintain what works, which is hyper-local marketing, and continue to rely on word-of-mouth.

Of course, adapting carsharing vehicles to persons with physical disabilities presents special challenges.

Zipcar’s Marketing Strategy

This approach is captured in the following positioning statement: Likewise, a marketing or a positioning strategy is likely to more effective, if it caters to a similar human need. This strategy helped it create a solid footing for itself.

Case Study - ZipCar

Such references of colloquialism in a client- organization relationship enable organization to break the ice and create a long lasting brand impact.

To date, Zipcar estimates it has taken more thancars off the road, resulting in savings of more than 16 million gallons of gasoline and million pounds of CO2 annually. Google Maps — Zipcar has enhanced Zipcar marketing mix online reservation system experience for members, by letting them view the locations of available cars via Google Maps and reserve cars within the map screen.

Answer 2 An important thing to note is that the success of any strategy also depends on the extent to which it fulfills human needs. These strategies bore semblance with needs for convenience, affordability, a no-hassle functioning, accessibility and fuel efficiency among many more.

The low hourly and daily rates include gas, insurance, maintenance and parking. It is for this reason, that marketing strategies use potential human needs as their crux, as explained in Chapter 1.Another unique feature about Zipcar’s approach to marketing was the personal touch to the services dealt out to customers, which made them feel that they were borrowing a car from a friend rather than a rental car agency.

Such proximity between the company and the clientele is a very healthy development. Today, these clients are fondly. Zipcar is the world’s leading car sharing network. Drive on or off campus with Zipcars located at over university and college campuses. Zipcar’s value to the environment and local communities is evident in the fact that it has become a fixture of the urban transportation mix in the District of Columbia The company has cars parked in more than locations in the metro area.

4 Ways to Crush Digital Marketing Like Zipcar. digital marketing, Social Media Marketing, video marketing, word of mouth. but the young company has built up a brand and a digital marketing mix that is strong enough to smooth.

Brand Positioning Statement Example: Zipcar by Phillip Kotler. Tweet. 0 Comments. When Zipcar was introduced to the market, a competition-based perspective was adopted. The positioning emphasized the superiority of the service in relation to the competitive alternative of owning one’s own car.

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Zipcar Finds a Niche in Turbulent Economy

Welcome to Zipcar. Zipcar is the world’s largest car sharing and car club service. We are an alternative to traditional car rental and car ownership.

Zipcar marketing mix
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